CD Projekt RED Are Only Thinking About The Witcher Or Cyberpunk 2077

With Cyberpunk 2077 nearing its launch date, speculation is starting to mount as to what CD Projekt RED will turn their resources to after it drops. We know that they are planning to add content to the game in the future. But that will hardly need the attention of all their team members, opening up the time that is needed to start a new project. However, if recent conversations are anything to go by, you don’t have to think hard about this one.

It’s The Witcher, apparently, because they’re not thinking about any other games.

Polish site Stooq reported such after a recent meeting between CD Projekt RED officials, during which the question was posed to the studio’s president, Adam KiciƄski. He stated that they only have the two train of thoughts at present and “therefore all the games planned so far are either Witcher or Cyberpunk”. Which I guess is both a blessing and a curse.

The former because each game they release in whichever franchise will obviously benefit from the last. And, subsequently, you get a deeper sense investment in the story. But when you get such a talented bunch of writers, producers, developers, etc, it’s such a shame for them not to push the boundaries in more than one series. And gift us an unforgettable journey in very many different worlds.

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It’s the reason we’re so excited for Cyberpunk 2077 – we know the potential the studio have, which sets a benchmark of sorts.

However, when you’re trying to balance the books and keep up what could be described as a technically challenging schedule, staying with what you know – pre rendered assets and all – can make more sense compared to investing in the unknown. Still, they have such a large workforce these days there’s nothing to say they won’t start a pet project on the side…

In the meantime, all we know is Geralt is probably out – along with any chance of sporting the title ‘The Witcher 4’. But further details remain elusive. And will probably stay that way for some time yet.

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