CD Projekt RED Talk Of Life After Cyberpunk 2077, But Can They Redeem Themselves?

It’s fair to say that CD Projekt RED have their hands full at the moment – what with the disappointing release that was Cyberpunk 2077 and the amount of work that is needed to put it right. But before all this melodrama, the team were talking of how both the world of Night City and The Witcher were going to dominate their future – speaking of sequels we could all get excited about. So, how have things changed in the last month or so?

Well, for quite a chunk of the future, they’re going to be busy keeping their promise to fix Cyberpunk 2077 (which is well underway, what with the recent mention of a PlayStation 4 patch and plans for one for the PlayStation 5). But beyond that, they have “many plans”. Apparently. And we can only conclude those plans are the same as those held earlier in 2020.

You see, the question came up in a recent video posted by the studio, in which the co-founder Marcin Iwinski reiterated their commitment to those who’ve bought – and endured – the game in its current state. A good place to start, I’m sure you’ll agree. But after that, he turned his attention to the not so near future, for which they “have many plans” which they’ll “share more about” when the time is right.

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Unfortunately, little else was eluded to – never mind, teased. So, beyond a possible native PlayStation 5 release for both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 – plus, The Witcher 4 – there’s some uncertainty about what comes next. However, with all the rebuilding of trust that the team will need to do, I think a little breathing room will probably help them. And instead of wanting a plethora of big promises, I’d be happy for the assurance The Witcher 4 won’t launch as disastrously as Cyberpunk 2077; a sentiment I think is shared by many.

Source: Pure Xbox

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