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CD Projekt Red to Open Merchandise Store “Soon”

Whilst we’re all patiently waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to finally get a release date, CD Projekt Red has been keeping quiet about another project they’ve got their teeth into. And it’s not a virtual one, for once.

That’s because the team behind The Witcher are planning on opening a merchandise store, but that’s about as much as we know for now. They’ve promised us more news in the coming weeks, which should give us a better idea of stock, though we can assume they’ll be selling ‘I heart Geralt’ t-shirts and the like.

The announcement was once again made over on Twitter, where they also let us into the secret that April Fools had to pass before the news was shared. That’s probably a wise decision if you take into account how many “official” pranks were doing the rounds. It’s a very tough day for sites like ours!

Talking of Cyberpunk 2077; we’ve also found out that the upcoming RPG won’t have any ‘Game Over’ screens. Instead, missions may go to plan or not and still the story will continue; your failures will simply affect how things play out from there. That’s pretty normal for a role playing game, especially decision driven stories, but it’s nice to find out some more about the “PS5-release-at-this-rate” title. In truth, it’s nice to find out anything.

Will you be stocking up on CD Projekt RED essentials at their corner shop? Or won’t you be parting with any of your shiny coins?


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