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CD Projekt Red Working on Hotfix for Broken Quest in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 recently received patch 1.1, but it’s not all good news in Night City. Players have discovered the quest “Down on the Street” is now broken. According to PC Gamer, this can prevent you from making progress in the game, making this another cherry on Cyberpunk 2077’s crap sundae. On Twitter, the CD Projekt Red CS account posted a message today saying they are aware of the issue and are working to release a Hotfix. Until then, they have a suggested a workaround posted on a support page. The instructions are as follows:

For a potential workaround follow the steps below (note, an earlier gamesave is required):

  1. Load a gamesave before Takemura and V leave Wakako’s office.
  2. Finish the conversation with Takemura outside the office right away
  3. Right after the finished conversation and when the quest was updated, skip 23h.
  4. See if the holocall triggers and the dialogue with Takemura starts

Telling players to see if it triggers doesn’t fill me with confidence. For now, my copy is just a paperweight until a few more patches release while also being a strong argument for delaying your game until it’s ready.

On the positive side, I do believe CD Projekt Red will keep releasing patches to move it closer to the original vision of the game. The only question right now is how long that will take.

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