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Celebrate National Day of Tropican Humour With New Tropico 6 Feature Trailer

If you’ve not yet played Tropico 6, what the hell are you doing with your life? Don’t you want to be a great ruler? Don’t you want to build economies and then let them fail? Don’t you want to have a country love you, hate you, and then love you again? Tropico 6 gives you everything you could wish, and all with a splash of silly humour.

The new trailer released today for Tropico 6 celebrates the game daft tongue-in-cheek comedy by having an old man recant to his grandchild what it was like living in Tropico. It’s a nice trailer and by Royal Decree, you are ordered to watch it! And then read our review for Tropico 6. It’s a great game and worthy of your time if you like management sims/city building games. Plus, no microtransactions for your micronation!

If you fancy playing Tropico but want a more traditional mouse and keyboard experience, Tropico 6 is 33% off this weekend on the Kalypso store for physical and digital copies of the game.

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