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Chasm Coming to PS4 and PS Vita on July 31st

I know you read the title to get here, but let me state it again. Chasm is coming to the PS4 AND the PS Vita. Bit Kid Inc.’s Metroidvania title is coming to both of Sony’s platforms after five years of development. On July 31st, you can pick it up for $19.99. (There is no mention of cross-buy in the PlayStation Blog post or the official site, so I would assume it’s a no.)

Chasm is a Metroidvania made by people who love the genre. You are sent to a mining town to see why it shut down. The answer is monsters. It always is. You will need to venture across procedurally generated maps, collect upgrades to open new areas of the map, and uncover the mystery of what happened.

That love for traditional gameplay has not prevented them from making a few changes. This is not a roguelike. There is an option to make it a roguelike with permadeath, but it’s not required. You don’t have to let it procedurally generate the levels. Everything is created from a seed, so you can enter the same seed every time to master it, or share a cool one with your friends.

There is still a structure in the overall game. The random levels will still have a balance of fighting and platforming, while also putting the necessary upgrades in your way. The paths are different, but the destinations have been designed to be more constant. Exploration will still be critical if you want to find every bit of treasure.

Chasm will available on July 31st. Check out the trailer for a view of the pixel art in action.

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