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Check Into The Spectrum Retreat on July 10th

The Spectrum Retreat is a “heavily narrative-driven” puzzle game coming to the PS4 on July 10th. The first thing to jump out is its distinct visual style ranging from a stylish hotel to something I would expect to see in a cyberpunk world. Although we don’t know why these two opposing styles seem to exist in the same place, it’s clear that your travel agent is going to receive a thorough tongue lashing. That is assuming you can solve the mystery of what is happening at The Penrose Hotel.

The game will not stop to show you how to play. New mechanics will be introduced organically. The player will learn to use them by working with them in whatever way they like. The new ideas build on the previous mechanics, so it should feel more natural.

After starting development on the game when he was only fifteen, Dan Smith, the developer, is happy to finally be able to send his game out into the world. During the five years of development, he won a YGD BAFTA and a publishing deal. This is a dream come true for him.

To celebrate, PS Plus members who pre-order The Spectrum Retreat can receive a 10% discount and a PS4 theme. Check out the trailer for a tour of The Spectrum Retreat, and be ready to solve its puzzles on July 10th.

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