Check Out a Young John Martson in New Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshots

After the third trailer dropped last week, we’ve been gagging for more Red Dead Redemption 2. More than anything, we’ve been gagging for some Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay. Unfortunately we’re still being left wanting when it comes to gameplay, but at least we’ve got a few new screenshots to gawp over until Rockstar releases more materials.

The various screenshots below give us a look at the game from a few different angles. The most interesting and exciting, however, is the one showing a young John Martson in action. It’d been rumoured before that the Red Dead Redemption protagonist would appear in the prequel, but it’s only just been confirmed now by the new trailer and screenshots.

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Again, Rockstar is being rather coy when it comes to details. The developer and publisher is literally just throwing the materials out into the wild with no information behind it. It’s working, though, as people are going nuts over on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere with crazy theories.



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