Check Out The New Online Modes in Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of The Champions

Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of The Champions will allow you to feel the rush of defeating real human opponents in the newly unveiled online modes. A brief blog post on Bandai Namco’s website has the details. After creating a new character in EPISODE: NEW HERO, you’ll be able to take that new avatar to create a dream team of your own. You can use that team to compete against other players in division matches, but you’ll also be able to have 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 matches for your custom or original teams.

During the Bandai Namco’s Play Anime Live 2020 event, the company announced that Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the Champions is the first anime sports game it has brought to the West. It’s a big deal for them. The story follows Tsubasa Ozora as he competes in the soccer leagues and rises to the top.

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Check out the trailer to see the online modes, and you can play the game when it scores a release on August 28th.

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