Check Out The Official Hitman Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Check Out The Official Hitman Collector’s Edition Unboxing

It’s time to don your finest red tie, shave your head and check out the collector’s edition for Agent 47’s latest adventure. The game itself will launch on March 11th, or at least the first part of it will because this is the first ever episodic Hitman game. The rest of the game will be released at intervals throughout the year.

The collector’s edition costs $139.99 and contains the following:

  • A digital copy of the game (full experiance)
  • A 10″ Agent 47 Chessmaster statue
  • a 60-page hardcover art book
  • Agent 47’s iconic red tie and clip set
  • Collector’s Edition packaging

If you want a better idea of what’s inside the big old box you can check out the official unboxing of Io-interactive’s latest from publisher Square Enix down below.

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