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Chicken Police – Paint It Red Will Combine Real Voice Actors with Real Animals

Chicken Police – Paint It Red is one of those games you need to see to really grasp. It’s a noir, buddy cop story that uses photorealistic animal heads on human bodies for its characters. If you’re going with that, you’ll need some talented voices to sell that crazy fantasy, and that’s exactly what the studio, The Wild Gentlemen, did. The latest trailer shows you the voice actors reading a short bit of dialogue with a picture of their in-game character. Every one of them is a pro with combined resumes from The Witcher, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

With the voices sorted, the developer shared more information on the visuals. The team originally wanted to create a pixel-based version of the world and characters. They eventually decided to go with a realistic approach, and they took all of the pictures themselves, except for anything that would be too dangerous. Natasha the cat had a full photoshoot. The handcrafted world was created in 3D, and then moved to 2.5D to match that same look.

The most burning question I’ve had about Chicken Police – Paint It Red was finally answered today by Balint Bank Varga, the writer, producer, studio co-founder, and designer. How did you decide to make this game and make a chicken your main character? He said:

“One of the main reasons was an old YouTube video where two real chickens fought with some nasty rabbits and basically put them into custody. Like real animal-cops in the field. It was hilarious and amazing! The second reason was that I always wanted to do some kind of animal-noir (in Hungary we have some really awesome stories¬†with anthropomorphic animals), and chickens are cocky and weird enough to be utterly magnificent specimens for this kind of story.”

Chicken Police – Paint It Red has me interested. Check out the trailer for this one for some of the game’s unique flavor. It’s releasing sometime this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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