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Chill Out with Farpoint’s Free Cryo Pack

We are not sure how we missed this, but there is new content for Farpoint. The PS VR shooter has been a darling around here, and we are happy for more to play. The new co-op areas will feature a frigid environment with reskinned enemies and a new player skin as well. The new areas and old co-op maps will now be available for play in the challenge mode.

Check out the full list of free updates, and let us know in the comments whether you love the new areas or if they just left you feeling cold.

  • (2) new co-op maps with reskinned enemies to fit the cryo theme
  • All (6) Co-Op levels become playable in Challenge mode
  • New player character skin
  • New virtual toys in the game lobby
  • New Trophies

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