China’s PS Store is Suspended Due to Backdoors and Unlicensed Downloads

It has come to the world’s attention that the PS Store in China has been suspended due to dubious activity. There is no date given for its return online. And neither has Sony confirmed the rumours for its unscheduled “downtime”. However, speculation online is quite confident that it knows the reasons. And they certainly sound legit. Especially considering the extra measures that the region takes regarding what content is permitted to be advertised and sold.

You see, due to the need for additional licenses and approval, just over two handfuls of games were released on to the PS Store in China last year. And even without figures to justify the following statement, it’s fair to say that is a minuscule fraction of the games released elsewhere. As a result, gamers are experiencing a sense of restlessness, making the prospect of greater selection far more attractive. A motivation that a few are capitalising on to make a few extra bucks.

Adverts are becoming common place from persons who promise to circumvent the “security measures”, opening up a world of games to the local community. But this shadowy activity now appears to be the reason for the PS Store being taken offline. Sony, and I’m assuming local officials, are obviously keen to close these hacks/backdoor opening once and for all, so have suspended the service entirely to work on its backend code. As a result, it’s obvious it won’t be going live again until they’re fixed. But when that will be remains a mystery.

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The world is struggling with other issues at the moment, and with such a trickle of games being released on to the platform anyway, there probably isn’t much of a rush to get it back out there.

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