Chivalry 2 Set to Double Its Content at No Cost to Players

Chivalry 2 has released, many years after the original, and the developers have big plans for the medieval multiplayer slasher.

Torn Banner Studios has announced today that it will be releasing a whole bunch of content for Chivalry 2 as free updates and that the game will effectively double in size with its content offering, though at no extra cost to players.

“Chivalry 2 at launch is a foundation. It’s intentionally built to be extended,” says Torn Banner Studios CEO & Creative Director Steve Piggott. “Post-launch content is something we’re going to be working on for a long time. The game is going to at least double in size for free.”

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The developer has put together a short developer diary explaining the studio’s motives behind the extended support that Chivalry 2 will receive.



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