Choose How You Will Live Before You Die in One Way Trip

Choose How You Will Live Before You Die in One Way Trip

If you only had six hours to live, what would you do? In One Way Trip, you learn that your water supply has been poisoned, and you and all your friends are going to die. That same poison also causes you to hallucinate as you die. The trailer shows you dancing with tigers, cows, and sharks (Oh, My!), or having a conversation with a giant floating squid. Yep. That seems to check the boxes for hallucinations.

The game is not just about tripping through your last hours. Choice plays a huge part in how your story will unfold, and this can lead to very different player experiences. The whole game is about the ways your character will interact with others who are dying or who have lost someone else. Everyone you meet will be working through the same heavy issues.

You can experience this existential journey on PS4 on August 30th, with a Cross-Buy Vita version coming later.

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