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Choose to Go It Alone in Upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was a big talking point when it came out, but things have been a little quiet recently. However, even if some of the world has forgotten about it, Ubisoft certainly hasn’t. And its next patch proves it.

In a way this next update changes so much that it practically makes it a new game. That’s good news if you feel it has become a little stale recently like a squaddie who’s spent one too many days in the outback. Lynx, anyone?

The major change takes the form of a new Ghost Mode, which will ramp up the challenge faced by all difficulties with its permadeath feature; take enough damage to stop your pulse and it’s game over, right back to the start. You’ll be stuck with your loadout weapon of choice until you either reach an ammo box or loot a bad guy. If you reload with any rounds left in the magazine, they’ll be dropped and wasted, whilst friendly fire will also come into play. That may prove interesting to say the least…

Ubisoft promises this extra risk will bring rewards but they’ll only be unveiled in the patch notes next week.

In addition, the following additions will also be included:

New PVP Maps: We have two new maps coming to Ghost War, including a highly community- requested snow map.

Victory Screen: The taste of victory will be made even sweeter with the return of the Victory Screen at the end of Ghost War matches. The winning team will now get to show off their customization and victory poses after a well-earned win.

Observer Mode: Take your Ghost War experience to the next level with our brand new Observer Mode. Simply go into Custom Matches to both watch and showcase your Ghost War games. Game on!

Ghost War Challenges: New daily challenges will now be available in Ghost War, rewarding players with Prestige credits for their extra hard work.

A new solo mode will also be breaking cover and offer you the opportunity to take on the wildlands solo. With your AI comrades sent home, are you tough enough? Download the update, Special Operation 2, next week and find out.

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