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ChromaGun VR Announced for PSVR, Owners of Original Can Get Free Upgrade

It has finally happened – ChromaGun VR has been announced for PlayStation VR. I’ve actually been sitting on this news for the better part of a week, but embargoes and all that…

Still, it’s exciting to finally have Pixel Maniacs’ ChromaGun in VR. And it’s coming soon. Very soon. Like, February 19th soon. That’s in six days.

The developers made an official announcement over on the PlayStation Blog earlier today where the game’s creative director wrote about the trials and tribulations involved in getting ChromaGun VR up and running on PSVR. It’s a decent read if you’re interested in the technicalities that go into making VR games, so I definitely suggest giving the blog post a look when you get a moment. I also definitely suggest you read our review of the original ChromaGun on PS4 through here. 

While it’s great that the game will be releasing on PSVR, what’s not so great is that it’s not an automatic upgrade for the original game. Hey, that’s fair enough. The developers took the extra time to make the game and so they deserve to get paid. However, to keep fans of the original game happy, you can request a free copy of the new game. See, ChromaGun VR is a standalone product with its own trophies and store page on the PlayStation Store. All you need to do to request your copy is fill out this online form that Pixel Maniacs has knocked up, send it away, and then wait for your code. You will need to have the original receipt for your original purchase of ChromaGun, and you’ll need to get your request in before ChromaGun VR releases on February 19th.

There’s also some more good news that I received today in an email from the developers. There’s a fresh update out for the game that adds smooth turning as an option. Naturally, none of you will know this, but the game originally forced snap turning on players, but the 1.02 update fixes that. You should have the latest version of the game with all updates included once the game releases, but if not, be sure to double-check the update history if you don’t want to play with snap-turning.

Source: Pixel Maniacs

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