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Cities: Skylines Modern City Center and Radio Station DLC Dropping Tomorrow

Cities: Skylines will be giving you even more ways to create your perfect city in two new DLC packs tomorrow. Radio Station will add 16 original and new tracks that focus on “modern lounge music with a retro vibe”. It’s not just music though. DJ Tony Anderson will take you through the roughly one-hour runtime of the laid-back sounds.

Modern City Center brings a lot of new items to make your city look up to date. The developers are bringing 39 new buildings made by modder Jason “AmipolizeiFunk” Ditmars. It will include new commercial buildings and, new to the game, semi-transparent glass barriers and awnings. First, the barriers are a great idea.

[Soapbox Mode Enabled] An even better idea is for a company to look at the community and incorporate great stuff into its game. I’m assuming he’s being paid or some deal has been reached in which he gave permission, and it’s nice to see a company recognize its fans. It’s also nice to see PlayStation receive those benefits even though it’s not as easily moddable. [Soapbox Mode Disabled]

If you want to pick them up, Modern City Center will run you $4.99, and Radio Station will cost $3.99. You can grab them both in the Downtown Bundle for $7.99. I’ll put some of the screenshots below, so you can see if your city needs some modernization.

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