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Civilization 6 and Expansions Finally Find The PlayStation 4, Launches This November

It’s taken a while but Civilization 6 is finally taking a turn on the PlayStation 4. The geographic-strategy title will be launching this November, and will include two free add on packs.

All other expansions will be available in a bundle.

In total, ten years have passed since the Civilization series was last seen on Sony’s flagship console. Too long, if you ask this writer. But at least that’s now being rectified with what is a strong edition of the game. Sid Meier would be proud.

You see, your actions help to shape the growth of city lines across the globe, nurture the development of advancing technologies and encourage your brainboxes in their groundbreaking research. You’ll build your empire from nothing but earth, weighing up each strategic choice. And by going toe to toe with some of history’s most infamous leaders – including Cleopatra and Roosevelt, but not Caesar – you’ll test your nerve in a quest to establish the world’s greatest civilization.

But that’s easier said than done.

That’s because your city walls are never safe from roaming barbarians and other politically motivated pillagers who are adamant to overturn your rule. The question is, can you expand fast enough, defend strong enough and attack hard enough as to fend off their heinous actions?

Both the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions will be available in the aforementioned bundle. And will see you fighting to keep the lights on, out of the dark ages, whilst also defending against nature’s greatest furies (think volcanoes, tornadoes, global warming?). But will you survive long enough to reach worldwide domination? Trust me, the answer is most definitely a no. At least, at first.

There will also be a four player online multiplayer functionality, should you like tiling with your friends. Although, be warned. These alliances are also prone to breaking down, so trust no one!

Finally, and most importantly, the development team have worked tirelessly to translate the game over to a controller scheme. One that is fluid and logical, without leaving you using the peripheral as a projectile in battle. Which is music to my ears as this is what normally spoils these games on the big screen.

Civilization 6 launches its attack on November 22nd. Have your delegates ready!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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