Co-op Shooter Earthfall Will Support 4K and HDR on PS4 Pro

New Seattle studio Holospark revealed their upcoming co-op first-person shooter at PAX Prime this year with the trailer you see above. The developer has announced today that the various bits you’ll be blasting off of your alien foes will be extra detailed, as their game will support 4K resolution and High Dynamic Rendering on PS4 Pro and HDR on Xbox One S. Read on for everything we currently know about the game and check out a few tantalising screens below.

Holospark’s horde-mode shooter, set for release in early 2017, is emphasising the visual quality of its alien blasting action today. They promise to offer “stunning visuals” when the game releases next year. On the addition of 4K and HDR support for PS4 Pro, studio art director Steve Holt had this to say:

Earthfall is already an incredibly intense and visceral experience. Moving to HDR and 4K on consoles is going to make it even more stunning, and show a level of detail that players haven’t experienced before.”

The game, which features four-player co-op shooting in a style similar to the Left 4 Dead series, will task players with defending Earth from invading alien forces in the wake of a devastating meteor strike. There will be multiple campaigns to undertake with either AI or human partners each featuring its own story over several missions. As well as the ability to 3D print a variety of weapons to take on the alien hordes, players will be able to set up defences like barricades and turrets to help them survive. The game also promises to make each round feel different from the last with what the developers are calling a ‘dynamic spawn system.’ We have no idea what this means but, presumably,  we’re talking unpredictable or randomised enemy spawns to keep even experienced players on their toes. We’ll bring you more on the title as it’s revealed in the run up to release.

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For more information on Earthfall or its developer Holospark, check out the official website here. Pre orders do not appear to be available for the console edition of the game just yet but you can already order the PC version through Steam where the game will enter early access first before a later release on console. Let us know what you think of the reveal trailer in the comments below.

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