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Code Vein Bolsters an Already Hectic September

September is looking like one crammed month as Bandai Namco has added Code Vein to its list of releases. The Dark Souls-esque game is going toe to toe with some of the industry’s hard hitters – Spider Man, Spyro, Lara Croft – and we’re not too confident about its chances.

That’s not to say we are ruling it out. That wouldn’t be fair. Especially considering its inspired pedigree. But the studio’s choice of month is surely going to mean the action-RPG has its work cut out.

Set in a post apocalyptic dystopia, Code Vein combines generic vampire traits with other supernatural abilities. A blood thirsty open world setting, so to speak. Its combat is apparently influenced by Dark Souls, also a child of Bandai Namco, and is visible in the recently released gameplay trailer. Whether it feels as good in the hand, though, is yet to be seen. Another similarity lies in its multiplayer function, which allows combatants to call out for help in an area in which they’re struggling. Because you can always get by with a little help from your friends.

If you’re hungry for more, a collector’s edition has also been revealed and will include a 17cm figure of the protagonist, Mia Karnstein. It will also come bundled with the soundtrack, digital art book and “The Insatiable Bloodthirst”, the title given to a set of customisation choices.

Pre-orders will be rewarded with a series of cross over items. The God Eater themed weapons will also be joined by additional blood codes and an exclusive blood veil.

Code Vein is scheduled to hit us where it hurts on September 28th. It was nice knowing you.

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