Code51 Mecha Arena Causes Havoc on PSVR This April 24th

Code51: Mecha Arena is a brand new game from Smellyriver Studios for the PlayStation VR. The developer reached out to Pure PlayStation today to confirm that the game will be releasing on April 24th in North America. Unfortunately, there’s no release date as of yet for the UK/EU, but we’ve been told that the team is working on it.

Code51: Mecha Arena is, at its core, a first-person shooter that takes place in a world where mechas are all the rage. Well, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, so naturally big fighting machines are all the rage. The people of Earth have been killing each other – again? – and we’re left with a Mad Max style world in which people scrounge around for bits and pieces to build and improve their mechas. Don’t expect any shiny machines a la RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, as the mechas have all been put together using bit of scrap.

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The game will launch on April 24th with two arenas for players to duke it out in, though it’s possible more may be released in the future.

There’s a trailer up above, so give that a watch, and then peek your peepers down below to have a gander at a couple of images from the game. Be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation to read our Code51: Mecha Arena PSVR review.


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