Codemasters Agree Deal With Take-Two, Sale Planned For 2021

There have been rumours about this buy out for a couple of weeks now. But it appears that a deal between Take-Two and Codemasters has now been agreed and will be completed sometime next year. According to Video Games Chronicle, a total of around £750 million was put on the table by the American outfit, so it’s no surprise the UK studio have bitten their hands off. But what will this mean for gaming in general?

Well, Codemasters are known for their racing games. Although, they can ship in a multitude of conditions, with some being near perfect whilst others have some embarrassing gaffes. But that sounds like most 2K games too, especially in recent years. So, maybe they’re a better match than anyone could have predicted. And who knows – with this extra investment, things may well improve.

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Or maybe things will stay much the same. 

I’m guessing the latter, if I’m honest. But at least this deal will secure the future of Codemasters – something that is far from guaranteed in today’s unpredictable clime. And I can say secure because (according to the report) both sides have informed investors of their intentions. That means it’s just a matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. From the remaining details that have been shared online, the deal will apparently see Codemasters remaining almost the same as they are now, just undertaking their business under the 2K flag but with the same management team. And Take-Two will bring with them their sporting game knowledge in order to lift the franchises to even greater heights. So, it really does sound like a win-win for all involved.

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