Codemasters Delivers Important In-Game Government Messages

Codemasters announced today that it will be extending its support in delivering important government-backed in-game messages to its players.

2021 is turning into the little sister of 2020, with deadly Corona mutations, social distancing measures in place and even more lockdowns. This trifecta of poop means more people are staying home and turning to games to pass the time – after all, reading is overrated.

The DIRT 5 publisher has enlisted the help of Bidstack in delivering the messages to UK players. The messages replace adverts and flags in the games and are delivered through the digital advertising platform.

“We’re delighted to continue being able to support government messaging, whilst we look forward to lockdown easing,” said John Merchant, Marketing Director at Codemasters. “It’s great being able to use our games to direct players to mental wellbeing advice. Even if we can help just one person then this has been a worthwhile addition.”

Codemasters is using this opportunity to bring important government messages to the gaming community – something they started last year and are continuing now. At the forefront of this campaign is the UK’s “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” message – an important motto that stresses the need to follow the guidelines in place.

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Codemasters is also dedicated to bringing light to the “Every Mind Matters” campaign from The Better Health, which offers support for mental wellbeing through their Mind Plan. Mind Plan gives people a personalised action plan in helping with mental wellbeing problems – something which most people are struggling with at the moment. If you feel you would benefit from using Mind Plan, you can take the questionnaire yourself here.

I took the short quiz and got an easy to read, simple plan to help with my mental wellbeing. It suggested six activities including movement, relaxation and finding somebody to chat to – all great ideas that will definitely help to keep Covid Stress at bay.

If you need help, the following resources are available to you:

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