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Codemasters Look Beyond Dirt Rally 2, Already Working on Better

DiRT Rally 2.0

You can’t expect a development studio to support a game indefinitely. But Dirt Rally 2 – a 2019 release – is already coming to the end of its post launch content, Codemasters have announced. In fact, the team are already thinking of bigger and better things for the future of the series, having already put a suitable team in place to make that ambition a reality. Games that are, inevitably, a few years away from release, but on their way, nonetheless.

This news comes after four seasons of additional assets, whereby the team have decided the garage is now closed for cosmetic updates. It is true that future updates may be released to fix any problems discovered in the game or its extra content, but new cars/tracks/countries will be a thing of the past. It must be said, however, that the game in its current form is rather generous. And does come across as a complete package – at least as complete as it can be when the official license is held by a competitor. So, it’s not a bad thing, per se. But it’s always a sad day when DLC plans come to their completion.

The rate of new content could be accused as being too rapid, though, and perhaps things could have been drawn out a little more – maybe via the inclusion of more challenges or community events. Especially now that many gamers are at home and honing their skills. But without seeing their development calendars or understanding the constraints they’re working to, there’s no way of explaining the true rationale behind this decision. Or whether it’s the right thing to do. Therefore, all we can say is here’s to Dirt Rally 3 – a game that is already causing intrigue and excitement. And the other game that Codemasters are working on…

Source: Codemasters forum

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