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Codemasters Secure F1 License Until 2025

Codemasters have been releasing a yearly Formula One game for around ten years now. But that’s set to continue until at least 2025 as the developer has agreed new terms with the licence holders. The deal will ensure F1 continues to be represented on consoles until the midpoint of the next decade, but questions remain as to whether another team should be given a chance to build the game.

Or at least a more sim-like version of the sport, alongside this version.

That’s because the game is popular with avid fans, many of whom play on 100% weekend length and without assists on a racing wheel. But the overall feel of Codemasters’ creation is often one of a confused identity. For the F1 game neither plays like an arcade racer or looks like a sim. It’s somewhere in between, which isn’t a problem as such. But the whole thing could be so much more if it didn’t try to please everybody all of the time.

A bit like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars – unapologetic and proud. Something that could perform outstandingly on the next generation of hardware.

Then there’s also the small problem that Codemasters’ games tend to need quite a bit of post-launch support in order to fix some blatant errors. A possible consequence of a recurring yearly deadline, but annoying nonetheless. Not to mention the now dated engine and unrealistic crash physics.

These are all things a new team could tackle and overhaul, given the chance. But that’s an opportunity I doubt either party would agree to.

Still, it’s nice to dream.

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