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Code:Realize~Wintertide Miracles~ Brings Romance Next Month

Who couldn’t use a little more romance in their lives? The visual novel Code: Realize~Wintertide Miracles~ certainly thinks so. With a release date on Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy a little romance as Cardia meets with many dashing young suitors. Many of them are famous or infamous, so you and your beloved can play the game together or you can take some time for yourself if you are merely between relationships.

Created by Idea Factory and Design Factory, names you should know if you looking to enjoy more romance-oriented visual novels, it continues the story of Cardia. I haven’t played them myself, but she has poison skin and hangs around with the dashing thief Lupin, his gang, and other characters such as Abraham Van Helsing. New characters such as Herlock Sholmes and Finis join the roster in this game. Cantarella will also be part of the story in this game.

If you want to see some sparks fly, try taking more than one guy on a single date. It’s a move that many reality TV show producers have tried and endorsed, and it will probably work here too. Competition is good, and make him work for that second date.

Speaking of things that need some romance, the game is coming to the PS4, but it’s also coming to the PS Vita. Not impressed, or have you just forgotten Sony had a handheld? Imagine the Morpheus’ face from the Matrix for a second while I say something like what if I told you that a physical edition was also happening. Brace yourself. A special physical edition is coming to the PS4 AND the PS Vita. You can buy it on Amazon and Gamestop. If you think about it, it should blow your mind.

If all that is just too much for you to think about after a long day, check out the trailer. It’s got a lovely J-pop song, nice anime style art, a Christmas feel, and the promise of a new love. Code: Realize~Wintertide Miracles~ just might be the otome visual novel you need on February 14th.

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