Cold Iron Adding Free Wild Card Update and Lowering Price Today

Howdy, partner! There is a huge update coming to Cold Iron for the PSVR today with new modes and improvements from player feedback. It is also putting a bullet right between the eyes of it’s existing price. Getting more for less in gaming is not a normal occurrence, so let’s dig into it what you can expect.

The Wild Card update will be free for everyone. If you haven’t played the game since January, there are four new training modes to take you from the basic cowpoke to a legendary gunslinger. In Shootout, you will be eliminating outlaws as they jump out of cover. Endless Shootout takes it to the next level by increasing the number of outlaws and pushing you to have a quicker draw. Make sure you don’t hit an innocent person, because it will end the game in either mode. The digital townspeople probably appreciate it too.

If you prefer to show your skill against bottles and cans, Juggler’s Quest will let you imitate your favorite westerns. Blast them from the sky to reach the boss and change the difficulty to meet your skill. Juggle Forever is similar. As you clear the air of falling bottles and cans, more will be added. Once one of these recyclables hits the ground, your game is over.

Exhibition Mode is the last new challenge. It puts you against an opponent in a duel. If you happen to lose (we’re sure the sun was in your eyes), it will let you quickly restart the duel and show them where lead is on the food pyramid. There is a separate difficulty, so you can work up to trash talking their diet.

If you have already mastered the six-gun, it’s time to prove your skills in Hardcore Mode. You will only have six bullets in the round. Pushing for even more realism, you have to cock your gun before firing and holster your weapon.

There is also a conestoga wagonload of improvements being delivered with the update. There are two that will be the most noticeable. First, the visuals have been made smoother with a higher resolution. This is true on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Second, the menus are being given a revamp to improve how they look and the information they deliver.

The last few improvements are mostly quality of life. Cutscenes will be skippable after the update, and you can earn prizes to unlock new guns, decorations, and sounds. The new scoring system in duels should help too.

That’s great, but the new price is the best part. On April 17th, the cost to be Clint Eastwood (we could have said Gary Cooper, John Wayne, James Garner, Sam Elliott, or even the brilliant Cleavon Little, but Clint is King) in your PSVR will change from $19.99 to $13.99. Our own Kyle Durant gave it an 8.2 in his review, so be sure to read what he thought about the game to see if your wallet should be heading down the dusty trail to add Cold Iron to your PSVR stable.

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We have added the full list of updates and improvements. We don’t know if you will be strapping on some spurs today, but play¬†this on repeat either way.

1. NEW: EXHIBITION MODE–Duel against individual opponents with the
ability to quickly retry the same opponent if you lose.
2. NEW: TRAINING MODE–Play four new games to hone your gunslinging
3. NEW: SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Shoot outlaws that appear from behind
cover, but be careful not to shoot innocents!
4. NEW: JUGGLER’S QUEST (TRAINING)–Shoot bottles and cans that rain
from the sky. Make it to the end and defeat the boss to win.
5. NEW: ENDLESS SHOOTOUT (TRAINING)–Outlaws appear faster and faster
the more you shoot. The game ends when you shoot an innocent.
6. NEW: JUGGLE FOREVER (TRAINING)–More cans are added as time passes.
The game ends when anything touches the ground.
7. NEW: HARDCORE MODE–For serious gunslingers only! Enabling this
option limits you to six bullets per round and forces you to holster the
gun at your hip and cock it before firing.
8. NEW: DIFFICULTY OPTIONS–Adjust the difficulty level in Exhibition
Mode and Juggler’s Quest.
9. NEW: PRIZES–Earn points for dueling, training, and discovering
secrets. Spend points to unlock new guns, alternate gun sounds, and saloon
11. IMPROVED: MENUS–Get a better look at the statues you’ve unlocked.
All of our menus have been re-designed to be prettier and more informative.
12. IMPROVED: OPTIONS–In addition to Hardcore Mode, you now have the
option of automatically skipping all cutscenes.
13. IMPROVED: GRAPHICS–Cold Iron is smoother and higher resolution than
ever on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.
14. IMPROVED: CONTROLS–You can now use the Move button to cock the gun
on PS4.
15. IMPROVED: SCORING–Base scores for several duels were re-calculated
based on player feedback. There’s gold in them duels!
16. FIXED: You can now skip the mini-cutscene between the 10th and 11th
duels in Campaign Mode.
17. FIXED: Fixed a rare holster UI bug.

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