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Collect and Grow in New Multiplayer FPS Atomega

The studio that made Grow Home has announced their new project today. Atomega is a multiplayer FPS that pits you against eight other people in an effort to collect blocks, grow your organism larger, and earn the most points at the end of each ten minute round.

Starting very small, you will need to collect more blocks to allow your organism to gain more mobility and power. If you continue to accrue blocks by collection or by force, the trailer shows you can become a geometrical super saiyan giant that blasts other players with a golden light.

This battle takes place at the end of time. Mankind is gone, and only the exoforms are left to fight each other. (You would think we would have had a bigger party setup for the end of the world, but maybe it happened too quickly to put a plan together.) The story is flimsy, but do you really need a deep and branching narrative to want to blast someone into little blocks?

The best news is that you will only have to wait until September 19th to pick up blocks and the game.

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