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Colorful Platformer Rad Rodgers Coming to PS4 Next Month

When you hear game titles such as Jazz Jackrabbit and Commander Keen, do you see a younger version of yourself in a 256 color world? If so, Rad Rodgers might just be a warm slice of nostalgia pie. Inspired by these retro titles, it tells the story of a young kid who is sucked into the world of the video games he loves so much.

Joined by his now living and cursing gaming console, Dusty, they must save First World from the corruption. There will be seven levels, and the game is described as a hardcore platformer with plenty of humor, weapons, unlockable hats, and enemies.

The game features two other environments. The Pixelverse is where Dusty goes to squash bugs in the game and allow them to progress the story. The Pogo Vertical levels give you a pogo stick and challenge you to climb as high as you can.

We recommend you check out the trailer to get a flavor for what the game is trying to be. If funny, slightly crude, retro platformers are what you want, this may be just the thing. After over a year of waiting, you can play it on February 21st.


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