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Colorful Platformer Tin and Kuna Available Now

If you’re looking to plan your gaming weekend and like platformers, Tin and Kuna hopped onto the PS4 today. It’s the story of two friends who find a magical orb, unleash a horrible evil that possesses one of them, and the other must rebuild the orb to rescue a friend. The rescuer is Kuna, and he can use the power crystals in a level to gain certain abilities to solve puzzles.

The game has all the hallmarks of a classic platformer. There are secrets to find and puzzles to solve as you scour the forty levels across four biomes. You’ll need to avoid traps and beat enemies and use the abilities from the power crystals to do both. The trailer also looks bright and colorful with a friendly-looking Kuna as its main character.

You can check out the trailer for a look at the gameplay. If it floats your platformer boat, it’s available now for $29.99.

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