Combat Adventure Game Unto The End Receives Passive Run Update

2 Ton Studio just dropped a massive update for the critically acclaimed combat adventure game Unto The End. Besides squashing bugs and adjusting combat difficulty, you can now avoid the soul-crushingly difficult combat altogether.

Developer 2 Ton Studios has brought a brand new update to one of my favorite indie games of the year, Unto The End. The side-scrolling combat adventure game told a grueling story of a man traveling through an unforgiving world full of monsters to get home to his family. I reviewed (and loved) it here. My biggest frustration with the game was that it insisted I Gït Güd if I ever wanted to finish it, and at my age, I’m afraid I’m as Güd as I’m ever going to get.

This latest update allows players to slow the enemy combat speed down to 75 or even 50 percent. Dropping it down to %75 speed made the game more fun for me, while still offering a decent challenge. But the most unique change to the game has to be the new “passive run” portion of the update. You’ve always had the ability to avoid some confrontations in the game, but now it’s possible to complete the game without killing anything.

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The combat in Unto The End is famously challenging as I said, but at the same time it’s oh so rewarding, so the ability to avoid it altogether is an interesting idea. The passive run option will offer its own challenges, however. If you want to complete this adventure without spilling any blood, you’ll need to run, steal, trade, interact with the environment, help those in need, and leave some innocent’s to fend for themselves.

This update is live now on PC and console.

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