Combat is the Focus for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s Latest Dev Diary

Combat is the Focus for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s Latest Dev Diary

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s biggest draw is the opportunity to walk on the planets, but not all of them will be friendly. After finally bringing such a big change to the game, combat needs to feel good, and the third dev diary for the upcoming expansion demonstrates the developer’s care in crafting this new dimension to the game.

As one of the team mentions, it’s the little things that make or break an experience. Frontier appears to be tuning every aspect. When you step out of your ship, you can pick a loadout with different weapons and different suits. The three weapon classes are split between laser, plasma, and kinetic and have different aesthetics based on the manufacturer. A good amount of the trailer is also dedicated to creating the sounds for these weapons and creating a real battlefield sound.

Combat is shown on foot, but we will also have the option of engaging in an SRV or from a ship. For some of these battles, there will be a lot of action. I’m looking forward to seeing how a heavily populated battle looks with many players.

Overall, it looks like you’ll have plenty of ways to fight when Elite Dangerous: Odyssey drops early next year. The update will also bring new and more detailed visuals to planets, and I’m sure more updates are on the horizon. Once we have a release date for Odyssey, we’ll let you know, Commander.

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