Come to The Outer Worlds For Employment and Adventure

You might wonder how people would be convinced (or tricked) into leaving the safety and comfort of their homes for the wild frontier of the Halcyon colony in The Outer Worlds. This trailer answers that question by giving a plethora of attractive reasons. Offering you a chance at guaranteed employment and housing (both guarantees not guaranteed) in several of their exciting locations, you can find a new life and all the weapons and adventure you handle. You only need to pass a basic aptitude test, and it doesn’t matter if every other colony has rejected you.

It’s another trailer that shows many of the reasons The Outer Worlds captures our attention. Obsidian Entertainment is taking their open world RPG style into space with branching quests, fighting evil locals, alien creatures, and corporations, and maybe helping a person or two, while building an arsenal as well as your bank account. It looks like you’ll have quite a bit of freedom in reaching your goals, so get out there and start shooting and exploring.

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We are not too far off from getting our hands on this one. The Outer Worlds will launch on October 25th.


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