Comedic Occult Adventure Game Nine Witches: Family Disruption Releasing December 4th

Nine Witches: Family Disruption is certainly not run-of-the-mill. It’s an adventure game set in an alternate World War II timeline that is trying to be funny as well. The story takes place in the Norwegian town of Sundäe. The Third Reich’s Okkulte-55 division has taken an interest in the town. As Professor Krakovitz and his assistant Akiro Kasagawa, you will investigate the town and try to stop the evil plans of Okkulte-55.

The town is no stranger to weird, supernatural events. As you explore, you will meet many colorful characters, and some of them will be dead. You will be able to go into the astral plane as the professor to learn more about the town’s history while Akiro handles the earthly threats. By switching between the characters, you can utilize their special skills.

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Combining the characters, comedy, and events, it should be quite an adventure. Check out the trailer for a look at the gameplay and pixel art. Nine Witches: Family Disruption will release on December 4th.

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