Comparison: Star Wars: Republic Commando – PS5 Versus Xbox Series X

Star Wars: Republic Commando is out now on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s playable on PS5, too, via backwards compatibility, though it’s also been available on Xbox for a number of years via backwards compatibility, too. So how does the original fare against the new? Have a gander in our short comparison clip.

Star Wars: Republic Commando originally released way back in 2005. Some 16 years later and we’re getting a port to modern consoles – most modern consoles. PS4 and Nintendo Switch have received a new port of the game while Xbox has had nothing. It’s not all Jar-Jar for Xbox players, though, as the game has been available on Xbox One for a few years as a backwards-compatible game, complete with the enhancements Microsoft offers on its range of Xbox consoles.

I’ve played the game extensively on Xbox and I’ve given the new PS4 version a run, too, though on PS5. Comparing the two side-by-side, I thought I’d see nothing more than a cleaner HUD (the HUD elements are blurry on Xbox due to the emulation) and not much else. I was wrong.

On PS4 there’s a certain “cleanness” that’s missing on Xbox. Because it’s a true port and not an emulation running some trickery in the background, the developers have been able to truly up the resolution of the game and its assets, meaning that textures are sharper and edges are more pronounced. And that’s it, really. There are a few other small differences, like certain scenes being lighter or darker, but they don’t really affect the look of the game in the same way the textures do; these updated assets make the game a touch nicer to look at on PS4 and PS5. Plus, there’s trophy support. The Xbox version doesn’t offer any achievements as it is the exact same game that released in 2005, pre-dating the achievement system that was birthed on Xbox 360. It’s a shame, but it’s still impressive that the old version can look so good compared to a modern port that hands have actually touched, rather than emulation software sorting out the enhancements. So my take is that no matter where you play, you’re still getting a decent version of the game and, honestly, in the moment-to-moment gameplay, you won’t notice the difference outside of the HUD.

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