Competitive Survival Game Rust is Coming to PS4 This Spring, First Trailer Released

The brutal survival game Rust is expanding its presence to PS4 and Xbox One later this year in the Spring. Plenty of time to brush up on them survival skills.

Double Eleven has announced today that it will be releasing Rust on PS4 and Xbox One this Spring, and to to add fuel to the warmth of the bonfire, they developer/publisher has released the first Rust console trailer.

But what is Rust? If you’re a console-only player, you may not have heard about the game, which is fair enough. It’s a big deal on PC, though, and it could definitely be a big deal on consoles.

The game is a competitive survival game where up to 100 players roam a post-apocalyptic island and try to survive. You need to stay hydrated, fed, and warm, all the while fending off scientists, bears, wolves, poisoning, and perhaps the most dangerous of them all: other players.

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You’ll find no guidance here as there’s no mission to complete. Your only mission is to survive by any means necessary. That coud mean teaming up with other survivors, or bashing their heads in. You can build your own hut and try to eek out a pitiful existence, or you can gather the resources required for a mega complex and thrive.

It’s definitely one of the most interesting games I’ve ever come across. I dabbled in the game a few years back on PC and enjoyed it, but I didn’t stick around for long. What can I say? I’m a console gamer, so maybe with the release of Rust on PS4, I’ll finally be able to command my own army of naked minions…

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