Composer Lionel Gaget Discusses the Music of XIII

This is the second look into a game’s music I’ve written about today, and it’s another good one. The remake of XIII is coming this month, and the game’s original composer, Lionel Gaget, sat down in front of a piano and computer to talk about his inspirations in creating the original soundtrack for XIII in this latest trailer.

Starting with a custom sound library, his process had to include different emotions and intensity in this cell-shaded thriller. Whether you are sneaking around or fighting for your life, the music must react and feel natural for what is happening on screen. Woven throughout each of these different pieces is Gaget’s personal touch “which ultimately creates musical unity throughout.” The trailer gives you a taste of both of these types of  musical sequences.

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As important as the music is, he knows it must serve “both the game and the player”, and he has a good feel for his role, comparing it to film. He discusses it more as the trailer shows him composing with a big soundboard and a computer. There are also fleeting snippets of him playing the piano, and I would love to hear more of that track. The song “Brighton Beach” is available on a number of streaming services, so you can hear some of Gaget’s work now.

XIII is a remake of the game from 2003. You play an amnesiac with a tattoo of “XIII” who has been implicated in the murder of a US president. You will need to unravel that mystery while trying to remember your own identity in this action thriller. Your quest to thwart a conspiracy starts November 10th.

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