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Concrete Genie Will Have Two VR Modes

During the State of Play today, they debuted a new trailer for Concrete Genie. We see a little more of the lonely main character, Ash, the bullies who make his life miserable, and that nifty magic paintbrush. We also see more of a very nasty monochrome enemy that chases Ash through town. It looks like your purpose will be to bring color to your town and chase away that darkness.

Bringing that color allows you to create new friends. Every wall in the town of Denska is your canvas, and the Genies you create will be more or less unique. You will increase your friendships with them, gain new abilities, and solve puzzles with them.

The trailer drives home the feeling that a lot of love has been poured into that art style. It seems more beautiful every time they give us a little bit more to see. I often encourage you to watch the trailers (and will continue to do so), but this one is lovely.

Although we don’t currently know what they are, Concrete Genie will have two VR modes when it ships this fall. More info is coming on those features, but it’s nice to see it baked into the game from the beginning. The interesting designs and use of a paintbrush gives plenty of ideas, so put your favorite in the comments.

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