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Constructor HD Demo Coming Soon to PS4

System 3’s HD revival of the classic adversarial city-builder, Constructor, is coming to PS4 soon (really this time) and the publisher has confirmed that a playable demo will be available shortly via the PlayStation Store. The demo, which released today on Steam, will give players access to the full tutorial and a short (twelve minute) slice of the single player mode. You can check out the full preview trailer for Constructor HD above.

The long wait for this HD remake is almost over, May 26th was the last estimate given for a release date and we’re told in today’s press blurb the release will happen over the coming weeks. With the publisher having officially delayed the game six times (it was originally planned for January 2016!), it’s no wonder they’re still being coy on the exact date.

For those who don’t remember the 1997 original, Constructor is a city builder where you have to split your focus between building your own property empire and preventing your opponents from building theirs. Using nefarious means to undermine your opponents is not only encouraged but is a vital strategy, players can use their hired goons to torch properties, send in skinheads to intimidate residents, bring down property values with filthy hippies, or even go as far as raising the dead to see how your rivals deal with a zombie horde in their neighborhood. Of course, you’ll have to be prepared for your adversaries to use the same tactics on you. As well as a single player campaign to scheme your way through, Constructor HD will feature a revamped online mode for up to four players, meaning you can use these tricks in the way they were intended; to annoy strangers.

Constructor is set to release (we think) on May 26th for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, with a Switch version to follow later in the year. For more on the game, visit System 3’s official site. Let us know whether you’ll be picking up Constructor HD in the comments below!

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