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Contagion VR: Outbreak European Release Due for November 27th

Contagion VR: Outbreak released on PSVR in North America on November 12th, but the EU release of the game was delayed at the last minute due to some cock-ups with the correct paperwork for the game.

The developer, Monochrome, has since stated on its official Discord channel that the EU release is set for November 27th. It’s a tentative release date, but the developer says “though there is a chance it could rollover due to last-minute time, it’s looking good.”

The developer also says that the game is currently sitting on Sony’s servers, ready to be deployed. The version that EU players will get will be a far improved version than what was released earlier this month in North America. EU players will get a version of the game that comes with all the recent quality of life improvements, and that it will be parity between the two regions.

I’m still working on my review for Contagion VR: Outbreak on PSVR, but it’s not looking great, unfortunately. The game itself is decent enough, but the hardware just isn’t up to the task. I’ll go into more detail in my upcoming review.

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