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Control Devs Talk about the Art of Dynamic Combat

A developer diary dropped for Control today, and it focuses on fighting the game’s mysterious enemies – the Hiss. They may levitate or walk around on the ground, but you can tell the baddies by their rosy red glow. As the newly hired director charged with retaking a super secret supernatural organization that just isn’t that super anymore, it’s a tall order.

The good news is that in addition to your company health and dental plan, you’ve been issued a fancy pistol that can change into different forms. The developers want each one to be useful, and none of them are throw away weapons that you’ll never want to use when you have something new. The revolver is one of those designs, and it is extremely accurate. Another weapon in the game will blast through a barrier to take out a hiding Hiss.

In addition to your magic gun, you will unlock powers. The shield is shown frequently throughout the video, and enemies will use it too. Some enemies have an energy shield, but many, including you, take bits of the building materials to block bullets. Levitation is another way to get the drop on your enemies as you glide high above the fray. Using seize will take control of an enemy and enlist them to your side.

The combat is at its most interesting when you are combining powers and a gun. You can levitate and shoot your gun or pick up a chunk of concrete and send it flying in a move that looks like it belongs in a galaxy far, far away. With a variety of the Hiss moving around a level, the director moves and fights back in a changing environment with different enemies. It seems like you’ll need to use your noggin, and it looks good.

Speaking of looks, I am again struck by the visual design and use of light in everything we see. Control’s view of warped destruction grabs my attention in every screenshot and trailer. The office workers floating silently in the air above their desks doesn’t hurt either.

Regain control when it launches on August 27th. Until then, check out the trailer for a dev’s eye view of this upcoming game.

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