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Control the Dead in Witching Tower VR

More companies are realizing that full games on the PSVR can make money, and Witching Tower VR will join them this fall. It’s an action-adventure set in a dark fantasy universe. The main character Anna is thrown into a tower’s dungeon. She discovers an ability to control the dead, along with other magical powers, and sets off on a quest to overthrow the tower’s wicked mistress.

Overthrowing dark powers is no easy task, but Anna’s more than just a pair of floating hands. She is armed with a sword and bow for the close or distance kill, and her new magical powers help to even the odds. Necromancy is the skill that makes the corpses dance to her tune. Those who fall under spell can be turned against their undead comrades, or she can use them to safely approach traps and solve puzzles. The trailer shows plenty of crafty traps and puzzles with swinging axes and mixing potions.

The other two abilities are Sight and Manipulation. Sight allows you to reveal the invisible. Manipulation creates a magic lasso to interact with some of those now visible items. You can do this from a distance, and it includes making parts of the tower fall down on your enemies.

The gameplay should be varied and will include stories from some of the tower’s inhabitants who never left, even after dying. Ghosts seem to be a needy and talkative bunch in general, so they’ll share their sad stories with you. Other levels will crank up the tension by keeping you hanging over a frozen gorge as you move around outside the tower.

The developer of Witching Tower VR, Daily Magic Productions, is looking forward to showing a final version of the game soonish, but the release date is still a nebulous “this fall”. The game looks cool, and I’m digging the dark fantasy tower vibe. I’m also happy they are implementing different movement options, so people who become easily motion sick (like me) can play without puking.

We’re big fans of everything PSVR, so we’ll be watching this one. Until then, check out the trailer and images.

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