Control Will Give You Firepower and Superpowers

Yesterday, I posted the two quick Control trailers with details about The Hiss and the story. Today, we have another brief trailer, and it’s all about the combat. You have a service weapon, but it’s not conventional. Along with the people and building, it has been warped by whatever mysterious powers are afflicting the Federal Bureau of Control. It can change into different types of a guns to meet your situation.

It looks like main character Jesse has been changed as well. She can use telekinesis and levitation powers. Her floating Criss Angel impersonation is good for avoiding damage or putting you in a better position to inflict it. The telekinesis allows you to create a shield out of rubble or fling it at something. It will also be used to solve puzzles in the game.

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With an August 27th release date, it won’t be long before you have a full arsenal of guns and powers under your Control.

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