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Control Your Casualties in Megaton Rainfall

We are not sure why more games do not put us in an actual superhero’s shiny boots, but Megaton Rainfall is going to remedy that. Your goal is to protect Earth from an alien invader, and you are an indestructible hero who can roam from the bottom of the ocean to the zipping through the sky, visiting the moon or sun, and flying around in first person to right some wrongs.

There are huge enemies with incredible scale, and there are smaller enemies that may be harder to hit and take a bit more skill to remove. Thankfully, you will develop more powers and punish these extra-terrestrial trespassers with extreme force.

The catch is that misusing your awesome powers have a real impact on the world and normal people. You can level a building with one blast, but missed shots may hit buildings full of digital people. The game will keep a running death count and lower your score accordingly.

It will not be limited to those with PS VR. You will be balancing your planetary rescue or destruction in both the PS VR and on the regular PS4. However, without VR, you cannot feel like Superman by positioning a fan in front of your face while playing and humming the John Williams’ theme.

Megaton Rainfall will be coming September 26th, and we look forward to trying to save a planet or goofing around while we destroy it.

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