Sony Announce New PS4 Controllers, Smaller Than DS4

It’s a funny world we live in. The DualShock 3 controller was criticised heavily by players for causing hand cramping and thumb ache. The cause? It was deemed too small. But in a twist of fate, Sony has today announced a range of new PlayStation 4 controllers that differ from the DualShock4 in size. And no, we are not talking bigger.

The three new models will be smaller than the official controller, though they are all fully licenced by Sony, and are described as “compact”. How small is yet to be seen as each brand has taken the unique selling point in different directions. But all three are wired, which may end up being the bigger selling point. Less charging has to be a good thing, no? And lag, don’t forget the lag!

Nacon’s design is the more traditional; think DS4 but without the hour glass figure. It has a 3 metre cable, vibration motors and smaller hand grips compared to the standard model.

@Play is similar, though it features a rocker d-pad and the options/share button is placed below the touchpad. Its joysticks are placed closer together, and it is missing the LED display of the Nacon. But vibration motors, headphone jack and 3 metre cable are still present.

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And then there’s Hori who appear to have designed a controller for a different manufacturer, never mind a different console. *Cough* Nintendo *Cough* SNES *Cough* But it is cute, despite its lickle touchpad button.¬†However, due to the lack of touchpad, touch gestures will be dealt with by both sticks. We will have to wait and see how this pans out.

No details have been divulged over how much each will retail at, but we can at least say that they will come in a handful of colours, thanks to the following snapshots.

The Nacon and Hori controllers will launch in November, whilst the @Play accessory will be available from December.

Will you be picking up a compact controller? We have a soft spot for the Hori…

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