Control’s AWE Expansion Releases August 27th

In today’s State of Play, the second expansion for Control, AWE, received an August 27th release date. In a very dark trailer, Jessie blasts through a wall with the new Surge weapon. This service weapon is described as a sticky grenade launcher, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use it. In addition to making giant holes in the wall, she can also battle the new enemy, the Hiss Airbourne Ranger. It flies and uses a shotgun, so a few well-placed grenades might be welcome.

The expansion’s name stands for Altered World Event. The story takes Jessie to the Investigations Sector of the Oldest House. That’s where all of the AWEs and the evidence for them was kept. As you might expect, something went really wrong, and it had to be sealed. Along with other AWEs, Jessie will be learning about one famous event in Bright Falls. There is a voice in the trailer you’ll recognize, and it’s good to see Remedy not forget about Alan Wake. In fact, the PlayStation Blog post hints that Remedy has a grand design over a decade old with it’s Easter eggs that will payoff someday. Another Alan Wake game perhaps? Yes, please.

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Along with the new story DLC, you’ll be able to replay four boss fights from the game and the amazing Ashtray Maze. There’s a new horde mode, and the chance to unlock a new outfit for Jessie. You can access all of this from an altered item that looks like an arcade machine in the Investigations Sector.

If you want to replay Control before the new expansion, a free August update will add “a new ability upgrade, additional usability options, and more checkpoints added to some of the trickier campaign missions.”

Control’s AWE expansion certainly has me excited to visit the Oldest House again. We’ll be able to jump into the newly opened Investigations Sector on August 27th.

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