Crash Drive 3 July Release Announcement

Crash Drive 3

Take top speed and crash into an open world of chaos with M2H’s new multi-platform experience of Crash Drive 3, releasing July 8th.

Crash Drive 3 will be releasing on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Switch, mobile and PC in early July.

Roam freely around the five different areas in the world of Crash Drive and take part in a wide range of activities such as competitive events like cops and robbers, attempt to tag the most scenery, or even take part in airborne tank battles.

Feeling like a bit of a daredevil? Then you can also try out a variety of stunt locations across the map in the crazy vehicles they have in store, perhaps you can perform some insane stunt with a tank, I dare you to try.

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Try all this with friends no matter what version you are playing, as M2H includes cross-platform play meaning you never have to drive alone. Maybe you’re more of a solo player, and that’s fine too.

With the freedom to customise your car in many whacky ways or be able to just explore the scorching deserts and freezing arctic maps for hidden secrets. Players are free to enjoy Crash Drive 3 however they wish. I’ll be maxing out my level to get a fancy gold car once it comes out on July 8th.

Crash Drive 3 can be wishlisted on the PlayStation Store and will be $19.99/£14.99 when released.

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