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Crazy Machines VR Brings Puzzles and Contraptions to PSVR Today

Remember Crazy Machines? I do. I remember being round at a mate’s house while he showed me the game on his PC. I wasn’t impressed. I was young and stupid and all I wanted was football games and to lose my virginity. Simpler times, then.

Fast forward almost 15 years and Crazy Machines is back, but this time as Crazy Machines VR. The game originally made its way to PCVR headsets last year, but PSVR players can play from today. You can nip down to your local videogame store and buy a physical version, or you can keep your bum on the couch and get the digital edition via the PlayStation Store instead.

So what is Crazy Machines VR? It’s precisely what it sounds like. You build crazy machines in virtual reality. Where previous games had you playing as the Professor’s assistant, Crazy Machines VR puts you in the labcoat of the Professor himself. You’re the brains this time around, and your helper is a grumpy robot who will give you hints if you get stuck. There are over 40 levels to play through across five chapters in the game’s story mode, so there should be a few hours of gameplay to be had here.

I’ve had a peek at some of the reviews of the game on Steam where Crazy Machines VR has a mixed reception. Most of the negative reviews come from players who’ve spent hours of their lives in the old-school original releases, with complaints targetting the change in gameplay. The positive reviews tend to be coming from players who are completely new to the bonkers world of Crazy Machines. Whether that information is useful to you, I do not know, but I have a word count to hit and by golly, I think I just hit it. Sweet.

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