Creepy Spirit Hunter: NG Releasing October 10th

October is a month to celebrate scary games, and you can add one more to your list. Spirit Hunter: NG, the sequel to Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, is jump-scaring its way onto your PS4 on October 10th. (For those of you who still have a PS Vita, you can play it there too.) If you haven’t played the first one, NG will have new characters in Tokyo, and they will not have to go somewhere to feel the fear. Things that go bump in the night can be found in your local park, alleyway, or even your bedroom.

The story focuses on a guy with a curse, but that may not be the worst thing in his life. His sister has disappeared, and he is doing everything he can to find her. Part of your investigative toolbox will be a flashlight, but be careful where you point it. He will face threats from the supernatural and regular world on his quest. His decisions could lead to life or death. Whether that’s only his own is something you’ll have to discover.

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Spirit Hunter: NG is a visual novel that utilizes the “Judge System” for player choices. It will give more variety in your responses, and you’ll need to make decisions quickly at certain times to stay alive. You are cursed after all.

The artwork was created by Fumiya Sumio, and I’ll post the trailer released about a month ago for an idea of the tone and visual style. Spirit Hunter: NG will release on October 10th.

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